1. A privacy policy refers to the set of terms and conditions that together protects the secrecy of the information pertaining to the customer as well as the seller.  The usage of the information of the platform user by www.tsweaves.com, shall be subject to the privacy policies as well.  We are not entitled to use the valuable information belonging to the customer in any way other than those specified under the privacy norms.

2. Temporary cookies are used to store data on the platform. However, the personally identifiable data is never stored in the cookies. Cookies generally accommodate statistical and intelligence data that are not personally identifiable and can be used by the third party and for technical administration of the platform, research & development etc.

3. www.tsweaves.com provides for other website links on their platform sometimes for a better understanding of things. Hence, there is a possibility that your system gets the cookies of other websites as well for which tsweaves shall not be responsible by any means. The inclusion or exclusion of any alien website is not a part of endorsement or promotion from TSWeaves end.