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Jhumka Jhumkis (Jhumka Earrings set)Jhumka Jhumkis (Jhumka Earrings set)
Jhumka Jhumkis (Jhumka Earrings set)
Sale priceRs.1,000 Regular priceRs.1,280
Save Rs.36
Pearl Magic (Necklace and Ear Rings Set)Pearl Magic (Necklace and Ear Rings Set)
Pearl Magic (Necklace and Ear Rings Set)
Sale priceRs.1,600 Regular priceRs.1,636
Save Rs.400
Meena Minaa (Necklace and Earings Set)Meena Minaa (Necklace and Earings Set)
Meena Minaa (Necklace and Earings Set)
Sale priceRs.1,680 Regular priceRs.2,080
Save Rs.355
Lakshmi Kataksha (Necklace and Earings Set)Lakshmi Kataksha (Necklace and Earings Set)
Lakshmi Kataksha (Necklace and Earings Set)
Sale priceRs.1,500 Regular priceRs.1,855

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